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The Closing

The closing is the last step before you own your new home. Closing accomplishes title transfer from the seller to the buyer. It also involves the appropriate financial transactions. For example, transferring of monies and related accounting.

Prior to closing, the buyer is allowed his final walk-through of the property to inspect for any changes. This normally takes place within three days prior to the closing date.

I'll often refer to the closing as being "like a wedding", since all parties have to be available on the same date - the seller, their attorney, their agent; the buyer, their attorney, their agent; and of course the bank attorney and the title company.

Closing usually takes place at the office of the bank attorney, but can be arranged to take place elsewhere if necessary.

The mortgage lender will ask you to get the home insurance policy for the home you are buying. You will have to pay the home insurance premium for one years' insurance up front. The home insurance company, in return, will give you a policy that you will submit to the mortgage lender.

Tip: If you have auto insurance, ask your Insurance Company if they give you a discount for "multiple lines" (several different policies). You can enjoy significant savings with some companies.


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